Below is a list of our best selling CD-ROM business directories.


Each software directory allows full navigation on each of the information fields and offers various print or export options which are great for mailing or sales lists. With the purchase of a software directory, your company will automatically receive a listing in our online business directory and in various specialized industry specific software directories.


All listings includes full company name, address, telephone numbers, contact names, sales volume figures, toll free numbers, website and email links. You may also enter your own contact notes for each individual listing to easily keep track of your communications with a potential client or supplier.


Our software directories are compatible with Windows XP, 7 and Windows 10.  Please contact us for more information and current prices.


Industry Specific Directories

* Canadian Public Administration & Government Business Connections

* Canadian Hotel & Motel Business Connections

* Canadian Contractors & Construction Business Connections

* Canadian Manufacturers & Wholesalers Business Connections 

* Canadian Health Services Business Connections

* Canadian Education & Social Services Business Connections

* Canadian Legal Services Business Connections

* Canadian First Nation Business Connections


Provincial and National Directories


* Alberta Business Connections

* British Columbia Business Connections

* Canadian National Business Connections

* Canadian Territories Business Connections

* Manitoba Business Business Connections

* New Brunswick Business Business Connections

* Newfoundland & Labrador Business Connections

* Nova Scotia Business Business Connections

* Ontario Business Business Connections

* Prince Edward Island Business Connections

* Quebec Business Business Connections

* Saskatchewan Business Connections 


Image of our CD business directory software

Alberta Registry


Our skilled developers constantly strive to improve our products.  As always, we welcome all customer feedback on the functionality of our software.